Floppy Based Install

  • Hi,
      I am new to FreeBSD/unix flavour n i hv problem getting pfsense installed on a Pentium classic system that can't boot off cd.
      I did a google n it only reveals how to install FreeBSD with floppy. i downloaded n created BOOT, KERN1 and KERN2 boot floppies for FreeBSD 6.1-release. However, i m not able to install from the setup menu of the FreeBSD boot.

    Mind to share how to install on a machine that dont hv cd/usb-boot as an option?


  • i got an SBMK Bad! message.
    tried reformatting hdd, reboot n still same.

  • Sorry to say but you most likely will need a working CD-Rom for installation.

    Take the hard drive out of the firewall machine and stick it into a machine with a CD-Rom.  Install, then move the hard drive back to the machine without a CD-Rom.

  • sorry, i think i made u confused.
    my to-be firewall spec, experiment junk pc..
    pentium 100mhz, 40mb ram, 13gb hdd n a creative old 52x cdrom.

    the thing is, i can boot with cdrom support from a win98 boot disk. however, i m unable to do so with the bootdisk provided from pfsense website.

    my work flow is as of below:
    1. download & created the boot disk from pfsense with rawrite.exe
    2. boot up from floppy with only the floppy. i hvnt put in the pfsense live cd.
    3. boot up gave a SBMK Bad! error after the inital hardware listing.


  • pfSense requires 128 megabytes of ram.  It's not going to work with 40. :/

  • oops!
    thanks for pointing that out…
    guess, hv to give up on this machine.  :-[

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