VLANS on assigned interface

  • Hi all,

    Been doing some reading and currently have VLANS running on an interface that is also assigned to LAN. I have read in the book and also a few posts on the board that this is not the accepted way of doing this and I am looking for a little guidance as to why? I have the ports tagged in the switch and it seems to be working as needed.. Could someone point me in the right direction.. ?

    If I change it to an unassigned interface where is the LAN pointed to? I just find it a little confusing…

    Currently running 2.0 beta. I have to say .. to all the developers this is an excellent piece of work..


  • If you have VLANS assigned to the interface, you need to treat the physical interface as though it were a trunk port on a switch.  Remove the LAN assignment from that interface and create an additional VLAN to handle your LAN traffic.  You'll find the "whys" here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1Q

  • Submicron,

    Thanks for that information, it shed some light on the subject…

    Cheers..  ;D

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