CF or USB install on ALIX - PROBLEMS help

  • Hi all,

    ok so heres my issue.. ive had the alix running with an older version of pfsense.. and thought it was time to upgrade.. so pulled the 128mb CF out and decided to do the alix bios update.. used physdiskwrite to put the alixbiosupdate.img on.. everything looked to be ok.. but this is where i started having problems.. plug'd it into the the alix.. powered on.. checks memory and then it says "ERROR!" so .. after a lil bit of time i pulled the CF back out and plug'd it back into my usb CF reader on my PC.. and say it had a partition of 15MB and the rest was unallocated.. i cant under device manager right click and delete the 15mb partition and i cant format the unallocated space.. ive tryd using flash disk tools and nothing.. i also tryd to img the bios update to a usb (using physdiskwrite -u xxxx.img ).. and it screwed my usb stick.. its now got like 25MB space and the other 3+gb is unallocated and i cant created a new partition  etc or format the drive back to normal..

    is this a problem with physdiskwrite ?

    how do i get my now.. 2 CF cards.. and one USB drive back to normal to have another attempt?

    is there another program apart form physdiskwrite in order to write the img to a CF or USB?

    is there a way of using a USB drive as the main volume on the alix and not using the CF slot?

    if so (i was thinking of using an external HDD via USB) can i install using live CD on a PC choose embedded processor and then plug it into the alix?

    sorry about the 20 questions but im pulling my hair out.. any help would be much appreciated :-)

  • Anyone got any opinions on this?

    can i install the live cd to a usb on another machine and choose embedded kernel and then plug it into my alix alix2d3 ?

    has anyone try'd this?

  • Ok.. SO

    ive managed to re-format my CF's back to their normal size, and after installing XP on a machine wrote int .img's to a few CF's.. but now.. when i plug in the bios update CF and power up i get this error:

    also when i plug in a pfsensenanobsd i get " Boot 1" and then a whole lot of ############### down the screen… any ideas?

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