Sugestions for dynamic routing

  • I am wondering if there are any suggestions on which dynamic routing protocol to use with pfsense.  I have a relatively small wireless network but we are growing quickly.  We have about 600 clients, over 100 access points and wireless bridges, and are currently using about 6 routers on different subnets with static routes.  But that number could more than double in the next year and I think that a dynamic routing protocol would be easier in the long run.  of the 4 options I see (rip,olsr,bgp, and ospf)  I like the options in the ospf package the best.  Especially the ability to transmit the static routs already installed.  My concern is that the package is marked beta which often translates to "don't use if you need it to work".  OLSR seems really simple to configure (which is good) and I assume must be stable since it is installed (but not enabled) by default.  RIP would probably work for now but I am concerned about scalability in years to come.  BGP is marked as stable (good) but every one says it is "usualy only used in larger networks".  BGP also seems more complex to configure (not necessarily a bad thing although it does increase the chances of mistakes).  Also the other protocols use multicast which does SOMETIMES have problems passing through some wireless bridges. BGP uses TCP which is good.

    So does any one have any comments, experiences, or suggestions that could be useful before I make the plunge to dynamic routing on a live production network ?

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    I use OSPF to handle redundant OpenVPN connections over multi-wan to ensure I can connect to some locations. It works really well. I wouldn't let the beta tag on that package fool you.

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