LightSquid missing dates in report?

  • Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to PFSENSE + SQUID, but I have been running a PFSENSE box for 3 months now.
    SQUID version: 2.7.8_1
    SQUIDLight version: 1.7.1
    PFSENSE version: 1.2.3-RELEASE

    For June / July I can access all the Squid light report data. But for this month (August) there was nothing to report on. I did a full refresh but now I only see today’s date there (19th of August..) so where is 1-18 August’s stuff? I've also given it an hour or so to 'think' about it, but still nothing…. also, the uptime of the box is 19 days.... mmm... any idea what the next steps will be to troubleshoot this one ?


  • seems I am talking to myself here.. :(

    I parsed the access.log file and the dates are missing there also.. so either the user switched off the pfsense box or squid just stopped working….
    No rotation was on, so perhaps the log files just got too big?
    Can someone tell me the relation of the Squid rotate log scheduler (for Squid light) and the Log rotate setting in my proxy server? Currently the latter is 30, if I make the Squid light setting "weekly at Saturday" surely I must change the squid setting to 7 then?


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