Pfsense crashes after changing gateway to balancer pool in firewall rules

  • Hello all,

    I have 2 WAN connections, 1 static ADSL on WAN and 1 dynamic cable on OPT1.

    I have read the howto on setting them loadbalanced for incoming traffic, but it seems each time i try to change the gateway to the pool in firewall -> rules -> LAN pfsense crashes after 30 sec or so.

    I noticed it was working during this short time by refreshing webpage because my IP kept changing between the two WAN's.

    To those who might ask, I have set set gateway's in IP boxes and primary dns in monitor boxes and router IP in both, and my connections are online when showing loadbalancer status.

    Do you think it might come from my hardware ? I can assign any gateway and have it working correctly but not the pool :(

    I use pfsense on a PIII500 with 2 netgear 10/100 32 bits (what does the 32 bit's mean btw ?) nic's (they appear as rl0 and rl1) and one older 10/100 netgear (appears as sis0).

    Any help welcome

  • I have finally found what was causing the problem. I was adding pfsense LAN IP in the pool, i removed it and it works like a charm ! However when one of the link is down i can only access half of the web, i have read somewhere it was due to dns problems but i can't find the post that mentioned it anymore, can someone tell me how to solve this ?

  • You have to use one dns of each of your wans at system>general setup. Also add a static route at system>static routes through the optwan to the dns-ip/32 of the optwan.

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