2.0 install now and later final via update?

  • Hi there,

    if I install pfSense 2.0-beta4 right now (full install) and upgrade to the final later will there be any problems? Or do you need to install the final version from scratch in order to have anything up and running smootly?


  • The upgrade of the OS should be fine.  The only issue is that there is the possibility that the layout of some config.xml settings could change at some point, and config upgrades from beta to release aren't officially supported (or even from one beta build to another).  At worst, you may need to reenter or resave some settings after upgrading.

  • Okay. So I could upgrade and then do a factory default reset? That would be fine?

  • Resetting to the default config after upgrading from beta to release should work just fine.

  • Okay. Thanks for the info! That's nice to know.

  • You'll be fine to upgrade to final release. We have numerous production installs on 2.0 out there that we're supporting, so we're making sure that's a smooth transition.

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