Missing default route

  • I'm currently running 2.0-BETA4  (i386)
    built on Wed Aug 18 21:58:53 EDT 2010
    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE

    I've observed this problem on at least a couple of other recent snapshot builds.

    The system doesn't have a default route. From the web GUI System -> Routing, Gateways tab shows

    Name   Interface   Gateway   Monitor IP   Description


    GW_WAN WAN dynamic Interface wan dynamic gateway

    GW_OPT1 WLAN dynamic dynamic Interface opt1 dynamic gateway

    GW_OPT2 OPT2 dynamic dynamic Interface opt2 dynamic gateway

    MOBILEW MOBILEW Interface opt3 Dynamic Gateway

    The first entry is marked as default gateway. I'm guessing its a rogue entry so I'll delete it and make the WAN entry the default gateway. After applying changes the Dashboard reported I was on the latest version whereas previously it was reporting 'Unable to check for updates'.

    Perhaps something happened to the configuration file due to a power fail or panic.

  • This entry came from some older version and it used to work anyway, even though the default gateway was an invalid entry.  Some change must have made it so only the entry that is actually set as the default gateway will get put into the routing table as the default gateway.  As far as I know, this invalid entry shouldn't appear on new installations, though.  For new installations, there was also an issue that the gateway wouldn't get selected as default, but I think that is something that was fixed.

  • If I recall correctly, only full install on this box was 1.2.3 and everything since then has been an upgrade. And there have been a number of upgrades since early in the year.

  • Yeah you may get bit by some bugs with gateways if you're upgrading from early 2.0 releases as Efonne said. Going from 1.2.3 straight to 2.0 now is fine, but if you were on 2.0 from several months ago or older, you can hit that. After you fix it, it won't recur.

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