How to configure pfsense to update a remote dns server

  • I am sorry if this has been answered somewhere else; I have been searching for awhile now, and have gotten myself more confused that I was to begin with.  Also, this was written in a hurry, as I am at work ;) Please forgive typos or bad english.

    I have a LAN at work, it has roughly 50 workstations; they all get their IPs via DHCP running on pfsense.

    The LAN is on

    Our DNS servers live on our DMZ, and thus are on a different 'network'  (Public)

    What I need is for pfsense to send hostnames to the BIND DNS server on our DMZ.  What I have read tells me I need to setup a key between dhcpd on pfsense and BIND on the remote box…

    Sounds simple enough, but everything I find in my search is related to dynamic DNS for WAN IPs...

    I know this is possible, but just not sure where to start, any help would  be greatly appreciated...

    One solution I am aware of would just to turn off DHCP on pfsense, and setup a DHCP/DNS server all in one box on my LAN side...  However, my boss insists on keeping DNS forwarder and DHCP running on pfsense...

    In the grand scheme of things, my main goal is to get a MSDNS server updated with all of our LAN client hostnames, and their respective IPs...  I am trying to setup active directory, and it won't work without DNS...  I am no stranger to IT, however I am new to system administration (not as easy as I thought hehehe )

  • Did you get this to work I'm having a similar problem.


  • you need to install the tinyDNS package for pf to be a dns server in the way you want.

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