Dynamic dns not routing on LAN

  • Hi guyz,
    I'm sorry if my question is stupid but I searched for an answer for this problem of mine for about 1 day and I can't seem to wrap my head around it.

    Here is my problem:
    I have a dynamic IP given to me by my ISP each time I connect to PPPoE.
    I have enabled dyndns.org account.
    My network topology is like this:
    ISP <-> (7x.dyn.ip.xyz) PfSense ( <-> Switch <-> (192.168.1.abc) LAN
                                                                             > ( Ubuntu server
    I NATed (port fwd) all WAN traffic for port 80 to Ubuntu machine.

    In effect when someone will type http://xyz.dyndns.org they will be presented with the Ubuntu machine.

    This works very nicely from outside (WAN) but does not seem to work from inside the LAN. the only thing that works from LAN is

    I will be buying a static IP from my ISP but I want to know if I will have the same problem with a fully fledged FQDN domain.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Are you using pfSense as your name server on the LAN?

    If so, do you have a DNS override for xyz.dyndns.org

  • No, I'm using DNS forwarder.

    Maybe I should use it ? I am not sure. In fact I know I am doing a mistake in the topology right now because I should been using another network card on pfsense which should connect directly to ubuntu machine.

    But I am feeling mighty unprotected if I do this now, because I have to tighten the security on ubuntu machine first :)

  • @c4xp:

    No, I'm using DNS forwarder.

    Then you could add an override entry on Services -> DNS forwarder below the Save button.

  • Thank you very much sir, I am in your gratitude.
    That worked beautifully, You can consider this post closed.

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