DynDns updates with wrong ip!

  • Hello!

    I have a problem with dyndns setup of pfsense…I have the latest version of pfsense 1.0.1.I put my dyndns accout under dyndns option of pfsense but for some reason it updates it with wrong ip address triend making a no-ip.org account thoughting that may be a problem with dyndns but still pfsense even with that updates the ip with! I cannot see this ip anywhere setuped on pfsense...my lan range lies on different subnet also my wan range...note that i use pppoe to connect to the internet(i've setup my adsl router in bridging mode and pfsense makes auth through pppoe and takes the wan ip directly).

    Thank you

  • Are you sure the pfSense is assigning that IP? Check the logs at status>systemlogs right after a dialin. Please paste the output here.

  • i have 2 accounts 1 on dyndns and 1 on no-ip which is new one..and i'm sure that it isn't setup anywhere else… i paste the output:

    Nov 13 17:40:20 php: : phpDynDNS: No Change In My IP Address and/or 25 Days Has Not Past. Not Updating Dynamic DNS Entry.
    Nov 13 17:40:20 php: : DynDns: Cached IP: 88.218.62.xxx
    Nov 13 17:40:20 php: : DynDns: Current WAN IP: 88.218.62.xxx
    Nov 13 17:40:20 php: : DynDns: _detectChange() starting.
    Nov 13 17:40:20 php: : DynDns: updatedns() starting
    Nov 13 17:40:20 php: : DynDns: Running updatedns()

    Now i've setup pfsense to use no-ip account..is it normal that i get this log?? cause it says DynDns...

  • DynDns: Mean dynamic dns client.  It's normal.

  • The log seems to be ok. does it work?

  • Nope..it doesn't work…seems that it has already cached the ip and doesn't even connect to no-ip to update it..is any way to delete the
    cached ip from pfsense so it can connect to no-ip and update it??

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