500 - Internal Server Error

  • 500 - Internal Server Error
    After configs, edit, save, wan or opt1 pppoe

  • Odd, I was on a beta release from a day or two ago (the 18th I think, not sure how) and after I upgraded I immediately got a 500 - ISE message for the WebGUI no matter what, instantly and for any page, even after restarting the GUI server from the console. However, yesterday I did a manual upgrade to the latest snapshot from the console directly, and the GUI started working again right after the install. Not sure what the issue was. I haven't used the GUI heavily since then so I don't know if modifying the areas you mentioned would still result in issues.

  • The OP's issue was fixed earlier today.

    There was a period yesterday or the day before where some bad snapshots were up, they got deleted pretty quickly but if you upgraded to one it would break the entire web interface.

  • Good to know, thanks. That's why I didn't report it earlier since I figured I'd wait and see if it was a temporary issue :-)

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