Captive Portal: Associating Vauchers to an identity

  • Hello everyone,
    i was taking a look at the vaucher feature and it's really interesting for managing time limited access to the internet in a public place like a bar or hotel and such.

    but by reading the documentation here:
    it looks like the vauchers are anonymous, and here in my country it's not allowed becouse if you are running an hotspot open to the public you need to be able to associate network activity to a certain phisical person.

    that means that you have to go through a procedure where you store personal information of the user who is going to surf before allowing him/her to use your connectivity.

    so i was wondering: is there a way to associate a vaucher to a person? not username/password, but to a phisical person (store these data somewhere in pfsense) so that you can eventually keep a log of their internet session?

  • It needs development but its doable and it is not too hard too.

  • is it planned? or are you accepting feature requests?

  • Feature requests can be set on
    While if you want them quickly then you have to go through comercial support or bounties.

  • Voucher cards to refill existing user account is actually a very nice feature to have on pfSense. I have this will be added to redmine.

    Though you can achieve using third party radius server if you want to implement something alike, instead of voucher, generate your users to your radius billing system, which there's already a lot of billing system (radius implementation) have this feature but usually commercial. (one of is www.ara[anti seo]

    This is already supported by pfsense captive portal radius integration, where you can point your pfsense to your billing system, this is best implemented if you have number of sites and you want to centralized your user, giving the user a roaming account.

  • Externally keeping track of who the voucher codes are given to could probably also be a way to take care of that.  Even if someone else used the code, you would still have the information of someone it belonged to.  However, I can see uses for this when you might let people get codes on their own, either from a system you have out for this purpose or just preprinted cards you give out with codes on them.  The system for actually registering the user name and associating their information and the voucher code with it would likely be out of the scope of what will be supported, though - especially for the 2.0 release.

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