traffic shaping on 2.0 blocking traffic

  • Hello, I have a big throuble with Queues on v2.0 x86 From Monday 16.

    Im working on  v.1.2.3 perfect, but I need Diffserv for VoIP, then I decided to move to 2.0.
    I poweroff the machine, disconnect the old HD, attach a new one and boot from the pfsense 2.0 x86 from Monday16 CD.
    I made an Easy Install, let it boot and change IP on LAN to access by web interface, the restore config from my Pfsense 1.2.3.

    I Removed all aditional modules to minimize problems, And start the Traffic chaper wizard for multilan and multi wan.
    I have a Net like this…

    __________              _________________          _____________
    -----| LAN        |----------|Pfsense              | -------| Router Wan1|
          |____|              ||    ||
                                          |DMZ                  |            | Router Wan2|
                                          |____|            ||

    I selected for local1 LAN and for local2 DMZ, Then for Wan1 and Wan2 for outputs, with their bandwidths and only reserve some traffic for VoIP (300Kb) bandwidth with 7 priority and this config at realtime: 0b - 10ms - 320Kb
    Later raise % badwidth for Default Queues to reach 100% of parent.

    All saves and applies ok, no errors, but half and hour later all connections to LAN from VPN are hang, and port redireccions to Mail server on DMZ dont work, only web services and nat from LAN works

    Any idea?
    Im getting crazy with this, any help greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks


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