Snort Error:/usr/local/lib/snort/dynamicpreprocessor/: No such file or directory

  • I have pfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE installed and I recently upgraded to Snort 2.8.6 pkg v. 1.33 but I get the following error when I try to start it:
    Could not stat dynamic module path "/usr/local/lib/snort/dynamicpreprocessor/": No such file or directory.

    I thought maybe the path was wrong but I couldn't find the dynamicpreprocessor directory anywhere else either. Removing snort completely and reinstalling did not help. Any ideas?

  • Did you enable preprocessors and not install any rules ?


  • I downloaded the latest rules, enabled some of them and also enabled preprocessors. The directory snort is looking for does not exist, do you think it could be missing from the latest snort package? I didn't have this problem with the previous version.

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