WAN PPPoE Gateway

  • I've just installed pfSense 2.0 beta4 (latest snapshot).
    I've configured a WAN with PPPoE and another WAN on another interface. All works and I can see the two gateways in System: Gateways and in Status: Gateways.
    Now after some restarts the primary gateway (WAN - PPPoE) disappeared in Status: Gateways; I can see only the secondary gateway.

    Where is the problem?

  • I'm seeing something very similar to this. We've got 3 WAN connections, one of which is a PPPoE connection. All the other connections show up fine in the Status > Gateways list, but the PPPoE is not currently showing up. In my gateway groups where the PPPoE connection is used, it's status is "unknown".

    If I try to edit the dynamic gateway, and force it to the IP currently received from the ISP, then I receive an input validation error as described in this bug: http://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/517

  • Seems like this is the same issue brought up a little while ago:


    I don't think it's been fixed yet, but you should be able to edit the PPPoE gateway, save it (without making any changes), click Apply Changes (even though none have been made) and in a few seconds, the PPPoE gateway should start giving status information again.

  • I don't recall if I followed those steps exactly, but to be honest I would be surprised if it works. I did resave a few times. In any case, I've added a small router between the DSL modem and the firewall, and this gets in acting like "normal". Chris and I emailed about it and he said it does seem there are still some bugs regarding PPPoE.

  • The only way this can happen is configuration corruption otherwise this will work quite ok.

    Please give screenshots/config.xml//tmp/rules.debug/ifconfig/netstat -rn/ps -ax output to debug this.

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