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  • Hello,
    How may I share the improvements which I was able to bring has pfsense during my Company internship with the pfsense community ?

    Sorry for my inferior English.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have them as a set of patches, you can either :

    • make a clone of a code repository at and apply the patches to the clone, then request a merge.
    • Open a ticket (or a few tickets, one per instance) with patches.

    Patches should be against 2.0 though. In most places, too much code has changed since 1.2.3 for patches to apply normally.

    What kind of improvements did you make?

  • The additions were made to version 1.2.3.
    I added a filter MIME type, a filter of authorized browsers  an update accelerator and the ability to have multiple ranks. Some few of these options is present in version 2.0 beta.

  • rsasper,

    I'd be willing to help you merge your improvements into the 2.0 baseline.  I've been wanting to implement an update accelerator functionality myself so I'd like to help just integrate yours into 2.0 instead if you'd like the help.  I believe something such as an update accelerator would be best suited as an add-on package though.

    If you'd like the assistance let me know.


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