Load balancing + fail over + squid shared between the two - only one gateway ip

  • Okay, so I've been going though the book on pfSense and trying to determine what would be best for my scenario.  I'm getting tripped up by the 11.3.1 section about multiple WANs sharing single gateway.  I have /28 network WAN, and one gateway ip, but I want to have load balancing, fail over - in the sense that if one pfSense box goes down we aren't without connectivity, and run squid between the two - to decrease LAN to WAN traffic.  I am finding that it's still a little confusing when it comes to single gateway configurations.  I'm just wondering, if I don't have another ISP option, is it possible to configure this using two pfSense boxes using VPN and multiple VIPs using CARP?  I really don't want something else between the modem and the pfSense boxes.

    Thanks in advance.

    *** Update *** I guess, from reading other posts, I will have to get a simple router to trick one of the pfSense boxes into seeing the router as the gateway, which should allow everything to work.  Does anyone disagree with this setup; is it doable?

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