HELP Heap big trouble with pfSense installation

  • Ok.  Admittedly I am a pfSense noob here, but….

    Setting up a pfSense Firewall and have traffic passing through but is getting blocked by the default rule.  When I look at the logs, it is the Gateway inbound that is being blocked by the rule, not any of my interfaces.  How do I fix this?????

    ng0 is the Gateway in the Routing table

    pf: 1. 165764 rule 106/0(match): block in on ng0: (tos 0x0, ttl 52, id 21322, offset 0, flags [DF], proto TCP (6), length 48) > xxxxx.25: S, cksum 0x0c4a (correct), 3030656420:3030656420(0) win 16384

  • Port 25 is normally used by the SMTP server. Unless I've mistaken your description, the log entry is telling you that someone outside your firewall is attempting to access the SMTP server inside the firewall. If you want to allow this access you will have to add a firewall rule to allow it.

    If you are sick of the reports you could add a firewall rule to block the access and not log it.

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