How to change RRD Quality IP? returns

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    I tried to reply to the thread (,3470.0.html), but I had no "Reply" option.
    I have the same problem in pfSense 1.2.3 (built on Sun Dec 6 23:38:21 EST 2009).

    I have a PPPoE connection and the IP that I get from the ISP changes with each new connection.
    I'm trying to use sbyoon's solution to add <use_rrd_gateway></use_rrd_gateway> in the config.xml.
    But, I don't know what use_rrd_gateway means and what IP should I add there.

    On the Status/Interfaces page, at WAN interface, the gateway has the same ip as the LAN interface (

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you,


    I discovered this in the pfSense docs:
    This means that I have to find an IP close to me and use that one.

  • Correct, you will want to find an IP nearby (logically speaking) and use that to maintain consistency of your quality RRD graphs.  If you can't use your gateway IP (which you should be able to, regardless of the fact that you're getting a new IP from the ISP on DHCP renewals), your local ISP's DNS servers, if they respond to ping, would be a good choice.

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