Router rebooting at same time several days in a row..

  • I have now had 2.0 beta 4  installed and for a few days in a row at 6:42pm Australian Eastern Standard Time the router has rebooted.
    Any clues as to what and or why this is happening?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Anything show up on the console before or when it reboots?

    There isn't anything which should be doing that automatically.

    Anything going on with your site's power at that time? Some device turning on/off could be making a flaky PSU reset.  It could really be almost anything.

  • Maybe something powering on at that time dropping the voltage and causing a power lag. Something turning on that is on a timer….......Are you also using a UPS or just plugged into the wall?

  • Hi Huys,

    Thanks for the help.
    It worked fine for the last 24hrs.

    Yes I am using a ups and the power has not been fluctuating.

    Hopefully it was just a minor glitch that has righted itself.

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