In 2.0, do I still need cheap routers to hook up DHCP connections?

  • New here, 1.2.3 is great! I don't have cheap routers yet, so I manually reconfigure my aliases once my IP changes.
    I'm planning to buy cheap routers this week but i think if I try out 2.0, do I still need cheap routers if I have DHCP connections?


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    Could you be more specific?

    If you mean you have multiple connections to the same ISP with the same IP scheme/gateway, then yes, you'd still need some kind of NAT device so you have unique gateways.

  • first, pardon me sir, I'm really a newbie in routers/networking world…

    But here's my scenario:
    I have 2 connections, 1 is PPPOE and the other 1 is DHCP
    I setup multi-wan using this guide
    and instead of putting the DMZ thing (which im confused about)
    what I put in my aliases was
    SS6520a1 (PPPOE IP),
    SS6520a2 (DHCP IP),
    SS6520s (PPPOE and DHCP IP)
    It works great but every time my DHCP change it's IP, I have to manually edit SS6520a2 and SS6520s aliases.

    I slightly dig some threads and found out that I need cheap router so the router is the one who manage to get the IP from DHCP connection and then what I should wrote in my aliases in PFsense was the routers IP.

    Probably, there's something wrong about my understanding? I hate to be spoonfeeded but could you enlighten me up sir?

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    Multi-WAN was completely redone, you can have dynamic gateways in "gateway groups" (which replaced the outbound load balancer) so you don't need any tricks to balance dynamic WANs.

    In addition to that, if you really need those aliases for the WAN IPs, in 2.0 you can have a dyndns entry for each WAN, and you can use hostnames in aliases.

  • nandakure, I think you're probably following advise that's not really necessarily anymore, especially for 2.0. We've rolled out 2.0 this week in production, and it's working quite well. The only issue that affects us so far (we're not using all the functionality, your mileage will vary) is that PPPoE connections don't work with the multi-wan gateway groups. There's something broken inside, so we had to use a cheap router between the DSL modem and the firewall.

    But like jimp says, multi-wan was completely rewritten and it's awesome!

  • Also if you need to use the interface address in firewall rules there's the 'WAN address' and 'OPT1 address' etc. options in the dropdown box where you select the source or destination address of the rule. Those are updated automatically when the interface address change with DHCP or PPPoE renegotiation.

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    PPPoE works fine with multi-wan. I balance PPPoE DSL + DHCP Cable at home and it works great.

  • In 2.0? It's not working for me at all in multi-wan. The dynamic gateway isn't properly validated (it doesn't show up in gateway lists, and so never reaches a state of "up"). Chris wrote this in an email to me yesterday:

    "There seem to be some issues with multi-PPPoE and gateways. We don't
    have a great test environment for that right now, I'm working on
    building a test setup and we should be able to get that all sorted out
    much easier then."


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    Not sure why it works for me and not others then. It's been working fine for me for months (Since April or so) when I first started using Multi-WAN on 2.0. My PPPoE is on WAN, perhaps the issue is with PPPoE on OPT interfaces or with more than one PPPoE connection.

  • I've seen this happen [consistently] on both amd64 and i386 versions with a single PPPoE connection on OPT interfaces.  I haven't tried setting up the PPPoE connection on the WAN interface, however.

  • I've not tried it on WAN either, only OPT interfaces.