WG Firebox x500 notes

  • I recently got one of these to play with. As the other thread(s) are a bit long, I thought I would start a new one.
    The keyboard connector is documented in another thread, but I found that a PS/2 connector I had in an old box of junk (might be from an old Asus mb) worked fine. I hooked mine up to a VGA card and keyboard so I could get into the BIOS.
    The crazy optional drive tray uses a standard 80-pin SCA connector. The other side is a fairly typical laptop style IDE connector with integrated power. I've never seen a male SCA to IDE converter, but apparently watchguard had them.
    The jumpers next to the ethernet ports appear to disable the ports when un-jumpered.
    The system will boot 2.0BETA4 nano fine from the CF card slot, but the serial output ceases right before the menu is displayed. One can connect via the webgui normally.
    As others have noted, the box will reboot, but does not power-down on halt. I briefly played with the BIOS settings, but had no luck.
    The crypto card (safe) is recognized by 2.0BETA4, and shows up in the dashboard. I have not tested to see if it actually works.

  • Do the Watchguards still lock up when accessing the web interface?

  • On mine, the webgui is fine. The console is not usable.

  • Mine worked fiine with the console.  I have a X500 with flash card in it.  Had to cut the utility bill down to two wireless ap and that's it.  i love to be running the x-500 but being out on short term disabaliaty you have to cut where you can.

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