Installing package like squid from the GUI

  • I am a newbie here soi bear with me. I have installed the latest pfsense and am trying to install packages from the GUI. They just show links to the site of the product like squid.

    My question is do I install the packages from the GUI (web configurator) or from the console?

    I would really like to run pfsense with squid, squidguard, VPN, and a spam filter and manage them from the web interface.



  • Yoy must install all packages from WebGUI - they contains all needed components for direct package from webGUI
    Installation FreeBSD packages from command prompt not have WebGUI components

  • The links at the front is just an information about the package. You need to bump the [+] buttons at the end of the line.

  • Thanks Hola!

  • @rdevries:

    Thanks Hola!

    ;D Sory my english. I read quikly and wrong undestanding you post  :-[

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