FTP traffic and traffic shaping

  • I have a bunch of clients behind pfSense (LAN) accessing an external (PASV) FTP server (WAN) using the FileZilla client. When the traffic shaper is enabled, the clients can still connect to the FTP server but disconnects when it sends the command "LIST." When the client does not disconnect after the command LIST, whenever it tries to download a file, it just "freezes" or nothing happens. I figured this could be happening because the FTP protocol is hitting the default catch-all rule so I added a rule that should match outbound FTP traffic. This didn't work either. The FTP clients are still disconnected after the LIST command and downloading (or uploading) is not working (or maybe it's just too slow).

    What's the correct way/rule to add FTP to the traffic shaper?

  • I was able to solve this problem by turning off the FTP userland helper on the LAN interface.

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