Transparent mode for squid 2.5.14_2-p7.1 appears to be broken!!!!

  • With a fresh install of version 1.01, I installed squid 2.5.14_2-p7.1. As soon as I enable transparent mode squid stops. I tried this on two different machines. Pressing save several times does not help (that helped on some older versions).

    Rebooting does not work.

    Reinstalling does not fix this.

    Running  squid -k reconfigure from the shell results in:
    squid: ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 2409: (3) No such process

    I did not experience this problem with version 2.5.14_2-p7

  • Only the STOP code was changed (one line).  I seriously doubt that my changes caused this.  But why its not working I have no idea, I'll look into it but squid is getting to the point where I want to remove it and start over.

  • For me works no problems at all pfsense 1.0.1 latest squid package transparent mode ;)

  • I was about to post this last night but stayed up late playing with it instead.  No luck, same issues here.  It was working up until the latest version.

  • Sullrich,

    I hope you do not remove Squid.

    Version 2.5.14_2-p7 works in transparent mode. I have it running is several places and it works great, even with some access control options I added. (My additions didn’t make it into the new version, just incase your wondering if that is what broke squid.)

    Since Phusho’s install works, I will re-download 1.01 and try another fresh install. The 1.01 iso was the only thing in common with the two PCs I loaded.

    You folks are doing great work!!!

  • I second that, Squid brings some great features to the table.

  • Looks like there are actually three change to the stop area

    squid –k shutdown &          & added  so that is back-grounded

    killall -9  added to the other kills


    sleep 15

    When I make a change and save it, in the GUI, I noticed multiple squid stop processes for about 15 seconds, while doing (ps waux | grep squid) from the command line.

    I commented out the sleep 15 (#sleep 15) in and now squid is working.  :)
    On the surface, it looks like a  timing problem.

  • Commenting out the sleep function does nothing other than not sleep for 15 seconds.

  • I dunno why.

    This is a fresh 1.01 install.  WAN is DHCP, LAN is, the dHCP server is running, and I have SSH enabled. Squid is the only package added. Transparent proxy is on and I have a couple of websites black listed for testing.

    With the sleep 15 commented out squid works on boot up, restart and stop/start.

    ps waux shows:

    ps waux | grep squid
    root    1327  0.0  0.9  4400  2392  ??  INs  3:36PM  0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/squid -D
    proxy  1330  0.0  2.8  8556  7108  ??  RN    3:36PM  0:23.47 (squid) -D (squid)
    root  13588  0.0  0.1  348  228  p0  R+    7:06PM  0:00.00 grep squid

    With sleep 15 uncommented, it will not start at boot up. Making a change to squid in the gui followed by a quick ps waux, shows the following results (within ~fifteen seconds of hitting the GUI save button):

    ps waux | grep squid
    root    3244  0.0  0.5  1644  1236  ??  S    7:54PM  0:00.01 /bin/sh /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ stop
    root    3257  0.0  0.5  1644  1236  ??  S    7:54PM  0:00.01 /bin/sh /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ stop
    root    3288  0.0  0.9  4400  2392  ??  Ss    7:54PM  0:00.00 /usr/local/sbin/squid -D
    proxy  3290  0.0  2.7  8388  6892  ??  S    7:54PM  0:00.13 (squid) -D (squid)
    root    3408  0.0  0.1  348  228  p0  R+    7:54PM  0:00.00 grep squid

    Then it dies………

    Is it OK that squid is running while “ stop” is running???

    I usually do not submit findings I can’t repeat. But, maybe this is useful information:

    Squid did start a couple of time with sleep 15 not commented out. Twice, I did a “find . –name (couldn’t remember the path) and squid started. The same thing happened with opening  with vi and closing it without making changes (could not repeat this).  One time when I added a new blacklisted URL  it started. I have not been able to repeat any of these thing more than twice.

    Keep in mind, if  I comment out sleep 15, squid manually starts and restarts every time and after every reboot.

    This is my fifth new install and I'm going between two PCs to be sure I don't have a hardware problem.

  • I have removed the squid package.  I just don't have the time to keep chasing these obscure bugs with this package.

  • hi

    looks like squid is working on some pc's only, i have 4 pf boxes, upgraded to 1.01, only 1 server made it with squid, the other 3 couldn't restart with squid installed,

    just to help.

    oops, spoke too soon, i just had a power failure today, and the only ps box that was running ok, didn't make it too, so none is of the 1.01 ps boxes restarting with squid installed.

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