No interface in traffic shaping after adding USB dev

  • I added today a USB nic with the Idea of limiting the traffic on it.
    The interface works fine and I can ping host's on it's subnet.

    When I go to >>firewall_shaper.php the new Interface does not show in the list of "By Interface" only the old PCI interfaces show.

  • What is the name of the interface?

  • OPT4, assigned  interface is ue0, a new usb interface that I connected today after pfsense was installed and running for some time now.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Look in your dmesg output (or system logs) before you see any lines for ue0. You should see something like axe0 or aue0, which is the real driver.

    Not sure why they decided that all USB ethernet devices show up as ue <x>though. According to altq(4), aue supports shaping, but axe may not (the man page may just not be updated yet)</x>

  • This was some time now and I don't have the log for that date.
    But I understand that what you are saying is that not all interfaces, especially usb ones, support traffic shaping.