Allowing clients with various static IPs

  • Hey folks. I was wondering if there's a way to allow clients with random static IPs? For example. The range for our dhcp is - but i'd like for a client to connect if they have set a static ip of or or whatever. Is that possible?



  • Yes this should be possible.
    Add an additional subnet to the interface on which your clients are according to:

    But why do you want this?
    This is really not secure.
    Couldn't you work with the Captive Portal?

  • Thanks, I'll have to try that.

    This installation is at a hotel and often guests will have various static IPs or DNS servers setup on their laptops due to their work networks and I don't want them to have to change the settings to using DHCP. The idea is to reduce the hassle for them. I know it's possible with some setups but i'm not sure if it is with pfSense.

  • No this is not currently possible with pfSense.
    Your approach might function if you know how the client is configured. However since this is usually not the case it doesn't really work…

    Imo it would be easier to print very simple instructions
    how to set a computer to use DHCP.

  • What will you do if a client brings along a computer with a static IP address the same as the upstream pfSense IP address? Or a static IP address the same as the static IP address on another client's computer?

  • I found a couple of gateway devices that will do what I want. Of course they're in the $2000-$4000 range so that's not going to happen. And the companies are rather closed mouth about the methods used to enable this "zero configuration" ability. The two companies i've found are Nomadix and EthoStream. I'll keep on searching though. Thanks for the feedback folks.