Line Speed

  • I have ADSL with a modem that works via PPPOA bridge.  The pfsense box is conenected via cross over cable.  To connect to the internet I have to get the PFsense box to connect via PPPOE.  The web pages on the pfsense box never report the acutal ADSL line speed.  I have put on the Upnp and this does show the speed.  Is there anyway to get the pfsense website to show these details as well.

  • Status -> Interfaces doesn't show this info?

  • FYI Miniupnpd grabs the values in this order.

    1. Traffic Shaper define values
    2. Values specified in the Miniupnpd Settings page
    3. Interface link speed

    The interfaces page should show the interface link speed. This is the speed the nic is connected at to the modem nic. Usually 100Mbps. This is not the speed the modem is connected at to the ADSL line.

  • Ohh okI didn't realise that it grabed the details from the traffic shaper. I did notice that the interfaces page show the nic speed.

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