Bandwidth Aggregation w/ 2 Cable Modems w/ Intermediary NAT Q?

  • Was just reading the pfsense book and it said that to load balance 2 cable modems for bandwidth aggregation, i needed some sort of intermediary NAT device? What device? Does anybody have an example setup similar to this I could compare to? Its merely 2 cable modems w/ dynamic addresses? Anyone care to shed a little light on this when they get a chance?



  • This only applies if your WANs have the same gateway.
    Do they?
    Otherwise you're going to be fine by just connecting the modems to the pfSense.

  • ahhhhh so if these modems have routing functionality built in, could I disable dhcp on both of them, assign them unique statics on different subnets, i.e modem1: and modem2: and then plug them both into a dumb switch and plug it into my wan interface? If not, i'm going to have to slap another nic card in this box… can I slap another nic into pfsense without re-installing?

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