For sale: Nokia IP530 Upgraded

  • Hi,

    I have for sale a Nokia IP530 Firewall. Selling because I just got myself a Firebox. Has served me perfectly well on 1.2.x. I have upgraded it a bit:

    1GB RAM
    P3 700Mhz CPU
    16GB HDD
    Extra 4 Port 10/100 Card (dc driver)
    Extra fibre card (em driver)

    When running uses about 40w according to my power meter.

    It's cost me about £150 to put together…mostly on buying the correct RAM from the states. I was hoping to sell for £100 or nearest offer.

    Will probably also list on eBay so if you'd rather buy through there for peace of mind you have that option. Will update post with link when listed.


    Some pfSense Forum IP530 Links…

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  • Question from a fellow IP530 owner.  Did you have to find Nokia RAM or were you able to use something more sensibly priced?  I'd love to upgrade from my 4x128MB.

    Just bought a 1.0GHz/100Mhz CPU for mine, waiting to see if it works.  So much for power saving…  Had it running a Gmirror RAID for a while, now nanobsd.  Unique box.  Good luck.

  • After (much) trial and error I found "KINGSTON 256MB SDRAM PC100 KVR100X72C2/256" worked for me.

    Sadly, it is not what you would call sensibly priced! Had to buy from states in the end at about £70 all said and done.

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