Request about Load Balancing

  • Hello

    I have a little question about load balancing with PFsense.

    i tried one year ago to make loadbalancing with two WAN.

    But my question is about the bandwidth.

    It's possible to double the bandwidth for bittorent or newsgroup ?

    Because there is a problem with IP so it's possible or not ?

    Or just two more bandwidth for HTTP download ?

    thanks you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Bittorrent, perhaps.

    HTTP, maybe with a download manager.

    Newsgroups, probably not, unless your client and server support multiple connections.

    On 2.0 if both your WANs are PPPoE from an ISP that supports MLPPP, then you can truly double the bandwidth because the connections are bonded.

    Otherwise, they are connection balanced.

  • hi

    thanks for you answer.

    in HTTP with IDA it work.

    About Newsgroup, newsleecher use 50 connections (but from same ip)

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