Sis0 hangs with 1.0.1

  • I had a HD install on a modest desktop (~800Mhz CPU, 256MB of RAM, two NICs) that was running 1.0 just fine.  I decided to use it as my test box to upgrade to 1.0.1.  After the upgrade, the system rebooted as normal.  After a few hours of use, however, the sis0 interface (WAN in my case) locks up hard.  Rebooting the box is necessary to get it working again.

    I had the squid package installed, but I've uninstalled it during troubleshooting.  There are currently no packages installed.  Any idea why 1.0.1 is crashing this box?

  • Anything in the systemlogs? The pcengines WRAP boards use sis nics too and I have not noticed any problems with that yet.

  • Soekris 4801 + Sis working fine on 1.0.1 here.

  • I'm beginning to think Squid had something to do with it.  Since uninstalling Squid, I haven't had any lockups.  I'll report back with log excerpts if this changes.

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