Need fast advise please

  • hi all.
    i'd like to know if i can accomplish the following and how:

    • basically have people login via a hotspot system that way i know who is logged in. (it doesnt have to be hotspot.. i need a page that shows up with rules and so on)
      also the ability  to speed limit people because my bandwidth is limited.

    • most importantly track people's usage. its very vital i know what username/ip is visiting what website because i need to setup a filter for my users to block specific websites and so on. i mean i know i can install squidguard (although its horribly complicated) but how do i know what ip belongs to what ip when i have a 100 or so users on?

    can i accomplish this? if so what packages/how?

  • These questions have all been asked and answered in these forums many times.  As time is of the essence, help us help you by doing the relevant research first.

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