Strange content encoding issue. Is it PFSense or ??

  • Setup: ISP(Static IP) –-> PFSense 1.2.3-RELEASE [PortForward:80 & 443] –---> Apache 2 (

    So, at a remote office, completely different ISP (not the same network as the PFSense box) I can successfully view the website being served up by Apache, no big surprises... However using either FireFox or IE, along with 2 different computers (1 Ubunut & 1 Windows XP), the site being served up from the above setup sometimes comes back with Content Encoding issues! Very weird, almost garbled & altered html and css. Even images in some cases will have strange lines. It doesnt happen all the time, 1 out of every 50 requests typically and it is never the same. In one case I viewed the HTML source and some of thetags were re-written as <divii>, and to add to the strangeness, not all thetags. The biggest mystery to me is that the alterations are never the same.....

    At first I put the blame on Apache, then php then hardware BUT (here is where I think it may be pfsense) If I am on the PFSense-network and open my browser to the problem(s) do not occur. Even stranger, if I view the site through the static ip from the ISP (Disable NAT Reflection is unchecked) their is never ANY of the problems as well.

    Has anyone experienced an issue like this or have any suggestions or potential tests to run? I REALLY LOVE PFSense (first time user) and am 1/4 way through the book. Could it be the WAN NIC card?

    Thanks All For Tips!

    PFSense on a Dell Poweredge 1750 Dual Broadcom NIC's</divii>

  • Well, turns out the problem was not at all related to PFSense or any of our hardware/software.

    I used an old Netgear Router (removed the pfsense box), setup Port Forwarding on it. Ran back to the remote office to test and guess what, same issues.

    So the problem is in the ISP network. Not sure WHAT they are doing with the packets or data coming into/out-of our network but whatever it is; they are screwing it up…..

  • Did you test with the same client?
    Can you try another test machine without a router at all? (connect directly to internet)

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