2 static ip address 1 wan port

  • I'm Trying to get my Second static Ip to work. I have one wan port (1 20mb up/down fiber connection ) with two static ips.

    I setup my first ip address under interfaces ad wan works perfect can route every thing though it no problem

    the second static ip i setup under virtual IPs and tired to route stuff though it but does not work ( I can not ping this address from any outside internet connection)

    this is how i have my virtual ip settup
    type: proxy APR
    interface: WAN
    ip address:  Type: Single Address  (tried NETWORK did nothing)
                      IP address:

    thats it am i missing anything (nat the ports i want to use on the address)
    I went thought a hand full of website but nothing worked

    P.S. when i put my second ip address under interface -> WAN settings it works perfect


  • You can not ping PARP type VIPs.
    Read up on the wiki about how the different VIPs behave.

    Why do you have as IP

  • sorry I did not want to give out my ip so i just put 0's
    I will read that that wiki


  • thanks For pointing me to the Wiki but i just explains the difference in virtual ips  proxy apr, carp, and others which is good to know.

    what I'm trying to do, and may I'm reading the wiki wrong?

    but whats the process to getting this to work and whats the process of troubleshooting something I can not ping etc.

    I can not do even the basic thing like type in the second static ip and bring up the website. which i can do with the main static ip

    sorry about this when I leave the area of more then one ip i get lost


  • You have to setup NAT before you can ping or do anything else with a Proxy ARP VIP. Use CARP if you must have a pingable VIP without NAT.

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