Router died looking to new hardware

  • I've been using an old wireless linksys running tomato firmware and it has finally died on me.

    Looking to replace with a pfsense setup hopefully to manage:

    2 ethernet connected pc's
    2 wireless consoles
    2 wireless devices (occasional)

    I've been up all night reading, but need quick advice:

    What hardware should I be looking at to get pfsense running.

    Must be efficient - my linksys would only draw around 10w i think.

  • It really depends on your budget and your needs. FreeBSD allows you to choose from a wide range of hardware and still get great performance.
    Right now I have a $400 supermicro 1U pfsense box that is just so much overkill for my needs, even with my torrent addiction. I could easily purchase a used pos on craigslist for cheap and get the same performance that meets my needs.

    Here are some things to consider when choosing hardware:

    • power consumption

    • stability/reliability

    • performance

    • expandability

    Since you had/have requirements that were satisfied from a linksys device than my suggestion would be to pay no more than $40 on a used PC. You would get 10 times the performance with the used pc vs. the linksys device and power consumption would be comparable with reason (replacing the PSU with a low profile low energy PSU)

  • Also look at the possibilites to have more playroom, a random server with ESXi will give you a lot more possibilities with running multiple servers, with x-number of nics and other goodies.

    Atleast if you are interested in tinkering with different OS´and services.

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