How To Clear Disk Usage

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    First, I am sorry if this sounds stupid, but how do you clear disk usage. I have noticed everyday now that my disk usage will increase about 1% everyday. I went and cleared every log under the web gui system log tabs. Do I need to ssh into the system and clear something manually or will the log data start to clear out on its own by discarding the oldest data first.



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    The logs are binary circular logs - they do not grow in size.

    The DHCP leases and RRD data take up a bit of space but eventually they will also stop growing as old data is cycled out of the files.

    Are you using any packages? It may be a package adding data or logging which is causing the size increase.

  • probably the squid cache (proxy server) or HAVP, those are the only two that I know that can cause it to grow.
    If you are not using either of those packages post what you are using.

    Personally I clean out stuff only when disk space reaches 90%, but then I am on a full install though with a 40GB HD

  • Maybe it is the HAVP, I added that package a few weeks ago and come to think of it, that is when I started to see the increase. I also use SNORT, and Country Block, nothing else other than the base system. So how do you clear it out when it reaches 90%? I also have a 2 small 40GB drives in a mirror setup on a dell power edge.

    Thanks for the input guys.

  • Note to my last post. The disk usage has raised another 2% since yesterday on my first post I made aout this.

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