Adding/removing bridge member deconfigures interface?

  • I have bridge0 set up as lan, with opt1 an ath and opt2 an axe.

    So I create opt3, a run, and add it to the bridge. I am not presented with an "apply" button, instead, the network just goes away. I walk over to the router, and the status screen at console shows lan no longer has an IP.

    Reboot and it's fine.

    Today, I removed opt3 from the bridge. Hey, there went my IP address again! Sigh.

    i386, 2.0 BETA4 build from yesterday.

  • You can open a ticket in redmine for this.
    But for 2.0 that is the behviour expected.

  • It is probably this issue, which likely returned when you added true for the call to interface_bring_down again:
    The issue reported on is the same one.  Both times were commits that were intended to fix PPP issues.

    This issue should be fixed again by that commit referenced on #867.  The snapshot currently building will not have the fix, but the next one after that will.  Maybe try a new one tomorrow.

  • I wouldn't have guessed that, as there's no VLAN in play on this system. But I'll give it a try when the next snapshot drops.

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