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  • Hey fellow ppl with ipsec problems

    To make a long stori short I was building my own keepalive script, becuas I didnt feel the builtin script was doing it for me. As it turned out i learned why :)

    I found that the cron job was pointing on ”/etc/ping_hosts.sh”(this one does not exist on my pfsense) and the file was in ”/usr/local/bin/ping_hosts.sh ”.
    Im running  a PFsense 1.2.3 VMware image from pfsense.org , havent checked if the problem is the same in other versions.

    Best regards

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That /usr/local/bin/ping_hosts.sh is run a different way.

    In /etc/rc:

    minicron 240 /var/run/ping_hosts.pid /usr/local/bin/ping_hosts.sh

    It's probably already running if you check the output of "ps uxawww | grep minicron"

    The actual cron job is redundant though, I'm not sure it's needed/relevant these days.

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