Issue with "Status: Load Balancer" when rebooting pfsense

  • When I reboot pfsense, the "Status: Load Balancer" screen looks like the attached screenshot for a few hours and then corrects itself. Anyone know why?

    ![Load Balance.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/Load Balance.PNG)
    ![Load Balance.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Load Balance.PNG_thumb)

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    Is the "apinger" process running? (Diagnostics > Command, "ps uxawww | grep apinger")

  • I have no idea.  ??? I get this when I run that:

    $ ps uxawww | grep apinger
    nobody  382  0.0  0.1  3156  1216  ??  Ss    5:39AM  0:38.34 /usr/local/sbin/apinger -c /var/etc/apinger.conf
    root    1605  0.0  0.1  3492  1332  ??  S    2:17AM  0:00.01 sh -c ps uxawww | grep apinger
    root    1607  0.0  0.1  1684  1056  ??  D    2:17AM  0:00.00 grep apinger

    Not sure what that all means though. ???

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    What about:

    cat /tmp/apinger.status

    When it's showing up blank.

    If apinger is running that screen usually has data filled in.

    Though it might log an error in the system logs, too.

  • Just rebooted pfsense to get it in this state.

    Then ran the "cat /tmp/apinger.status" command.

    Only returned this result: $ cat /tmp/apinger.status

    Once again, not sure what all these commands mean :P Just following your instructions blindly.

  • Anything related to apinger in the system logs?

  • It started working again since my last reboot, so rebooted again just now to get it to the problomatic state. This is what I get in the system logs regarding apinger:

    Sep 3 06:22:42 apinger: ALARM: *** down ***
    Sep 3 06:22:42 apinger: ALARM: *** down ***
    Sep 3 06:22:53 apinger: Error while starting command.
    Sep 3 06:22:53 apinger: command (/usr/bin/touch /tmp/filter_dirty) exited with status: 1

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