• After setting up both, I have concluded that for my home router/firewall needs pfsense rules baby. Although for business I could see where untangle handles more firewall features (for a cost) for my home where gaming rules pfsense has accomplished all I need, from the traffic shaper, to the  alias, schedule firewall rules pfsense rocks. I did buy the book and now everything I have set up works like clockwork. Even remote access over https cool, Internet /games shutdown after midnight and my VOIP still works luv this product.  8)

  • Untangle and pfSense aren't really comparable like that.
    IMO pfSense has a much more advanced set of features for advanced policy based routing, NAT, multiple interface configuration, etc.

    Untangle is good for content filtering, but doesn't have all of the advanced controls for layer 1-4 stuff.

  • Well for the money "FREE" the scheduling rocks, makes a kick-ass SOHO when compared to the average store bought box. However I did use my old dlink 4500 as a wireless AP, it hooked right into the switch and works like a charm  :)