Dual Wan without Pooling but with Routing?

  • I have two cable modems.

    I want all of my internet traffic to go out cable modem #1 regularly. (wifi, multiple pc's, etc)

    However I would like to be able to choose to send all traffic out of cable modem #2 occasionally, without have to unplug/plug things in.

    Can I setup VLAN's and just change the IP of a computer to use cable modem #2 or perhaps do a local VPN connection from the PC so that when I establish the VPN connection to the router all of that PC's traffic is sent out of cable modem #2?

  • yes via firewall rules.
    edit the default rule for LAN1 to allow outgoing to WAN1.
    make a rule so that vpn users go out WAN2

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can also make an alias for things like "WAN2 PCs" and add a firewall rule to direct traffic coming from those PCs out WAN2. Then you can just edit the alias to include whatever system you want to route the other way.

    Bear in mind that will only work for new connections, existing states won't be cut off.

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