Triple wan loadbalancing/failover

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have a mixed "loadbalancing and failover" pool. I believe this wasn't possible a few years back but is it now available in any of the newer releases or maybe coming soon in 2.0?

    I'm looking at installing pfsense with triple wans, 2 loadbalanced and the third as failover if the other two are both down?

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes in 2.0 you can do that. Place the first 2 in Tier 1 and wan3 in Tier 2


    Link Priority
    The priority selected here defines in what order failover and balancing of links will be done. Multiple links of the same priority will balance connections until all links in the priority will be exhausted. If all links in a priority level are exhausted we will use the next available link(s) in the next priority level.

  • Perfect, thanks for that Perry, i'll give beta 2.0 a go then, see if I can figure it out  :)


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