WPA2 has no effect, network is seen as unsecured

  • Hi,
    just upgraded from beta3 to beta4(pfSense-2.0-BETA4-20100901-2313) and although I enabled WPA2(tried AES and TKIP) on OPT1(Atheros card) the network is seen as unsecured, connects and works without any authentication. I'm talking about access-point mode, of course.


  • Try a reboot.
    IIRC you have to configure the IF with WPA2 again after that.

  • forgot to say - I already rebooted to no effect. I also saw no need to reconfigure it after that.

  • WPA is broken in the latest snapshots.  The one currently building will fix it for access point mode and the next one after that will fix it for everything else.

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