Chrome (webkit) corrupts fw rules with drag & drop

  • Using a recent snapshot (earlier this week) in chrome browser, reordering firewall rules via drag and drop corrupted/lost/duplicated rules.  Another guy on irc said he had the same thing happen with safari, both webkit-based.  I intend to file a bug report with a clean test case on this, but figured I'd post a note to caution others in the mean time.

  • Please file a bug report and assign it to me.  Funny thing is this was working fine on a previous version of chrome (this is the browser that I use currently).

  • I too can replicate this problem very easily.
    Browser details are Google Chrome v5.0.375.127 for the Mac.

    Dont see a redmine ticket logged though so I'll log it in case the original poster doesn't get around to it.

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