PFSense Logging

  • Hi,

    I am looking in pfsense on how to get the logs of a user trying to access our business network. Here is the scenario, a user is no longer working on the company, his account was already been disabled in our active directory and all network access was remove from his membership. A person in our company told me that he still accessing our network, can I verify this on pfsense is there a way in pfsense to search for a log that this user is attempting or still accessing our network?

    Any response would be greatly appreciated.


  • The firewall logs are there.
    But maybe first: How is your network set up that he still has the ability to access it?
    What services do you provide that allow anyone to access your network.
    Do you have VPN servers? Does he have his own box somewhere connected to your network?

  • Thanks for the quick response, I did setup openVPN and PPTP on pfsense and I don't see any log associated to his account. our basic network setup is everything coming from outside our internal network will goes to the pfsense, so I assumed that all connection from outside the building will goes to the pfsense. I did not notice any abvious network change internally, because I thought maybe he setup a wireless router and this is the place where he login, but no there is no physical change on our network I don't see any hidden router or connection internally.

    I am thinking my first resource to verify this is through the firewall which is the pfsense, assuming that he was trying to access our network from outside the building.

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