• Just got woken by a client whose PC wouldn't talk to the network. Windows XP and getting a 169.* address, which probably means he wasn't being allocated anything at all. Accessed the pfSense (WRAP, V1.0.1) which showed the address he would get it he got allocated one, his MAC, etc. Noticed that the DHCP log has nothing for today in it - last entry is yesterday morning when the client last logged in.

    Seems to me the DHCP daemon has died. The pfSense is going strong so if I could just restart DHCP that might fix things, but not being a Linuxy type I have no clue - if someone could post me a command to do this I'd be grateful.

    Next, is there something I need to do to be able to give the developers an idea of what's gone wrong? In a little while, if no-one can tell me how to restart DHCP I'll have to reboot the box and, hence, lose any info that might be tucked away in a RAM based log…

  • Just hit the save button at services>dhcp server without modifying anything. This will restert or in your case start the dhcp server. Or simply go to status>services and bump the start button there  ;)

    Systemlogs would be useful. Maybe set up a remote syslog server to capture them.

  • Oh my! New areas of the menus I haven't explored yet :)

    Thanks very much - I did the status->services bit (which showed DHCP running) and now there's stuff in the log from today.

    Strangely, two other PCs mananged to power up and obtain IP addresses, but didn't appear in the log. The problem PC is up again though, so thanks very much :)

  • Just for reference, further investigation shows that the PC in question can connect quite normally and then loses its connection after a few minutes. Reboots at that time don't get an IP address, but if the PC is left for a while and then rebooted it'll work for a bit before losing connection again. This is a bit different to what I was led to understand was the case originally…

    Seems to me this is actually a hardware fault (probably heat induced) and it's just coincidence that the DHCP log stopped for some reason.

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