Bandwithd & Darkstat in 2.0

  • Hi

    Are operational Darkstat and Bandwithd versions in 2.0 beta 4 because i have a lot of issues.
    AnyBody have working these versions?
    If is posible can upload configuration screenshot of bandwithd for lan interface?

    Thanks :D

  • Bandwidthd appears to be broken in the latest snapshot Fri Sep 3 14:35:20 EDT 2010.  The service refuses to start.

    I know it was working in snapshots from a week or so ago.

  • Hate to raise this thread from the dead, but I've got a workaround on NanoBSD.

    Uninstall BandwidthD.  Open an SSH console session to your router.  Run /etc/rc.conf_mount_rw to mount the system as read-write.  Install BandwidthD through the WebGUI.  Go to the BandwidthD page on the WebGUI, and configure everything the way you want it, but don't click "Save" yet.  In your SSH console, run /etc/rc.conf_mount_rw again, and go back to the WebGUI and click Save on the BandwidthD page.

    This has worked for me in two locations where previously I could not get the service to start.

    Update for future searches

    I thought the availability of BandwidthD for NanoBSD in the packages area implied that the constant disk writes were no longer occurring unless you specified they should (e.g., infrequent writes to disk by default).  BandwidthD killed my 4GB CompactFlash card in under 3 months.  I would regard it is only for MicroDrive users!

  • I'm testing Bandwithd ver on latest i386 snapshot (via auto update).
    Receiving something like this - missing module.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I added libpcap as a dependency and adjusted the builder so it will be built automatically. I kicked it off manually and it copied the binaries up.

    So if libpcap is the only thing missing, reinstalling it now should set it right.

  • Yesterday I did snapshot on my VM with pfSense before installing any additional updates. Today, rejected changes.
    Now I did fresh install Bandwidthd as before and still this module is missing.
    Do I have to do something else?
    BTW: where are installer logs?

    Also receiving "Please start bandwidthd to populate this directory." when trying to open "Access Bandwidthd" in webpanel.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Can you try to reinstall it once more?
    I made another change

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