Multi wan failover and Load balancing with 2 wans

  • Hi

    Is it possible to setup multi wan with failover and load balancing using the same two seperate wans.

    Right now I have set up both my wans with 2 seperate DSLs when one goes down the other takes over and vice versa.

    What I would prefer is that if they are both functional which would be almost always that they both take trafic, and if one goes down, then the one that works simply handles all trafic.

    I setup what I have with routing and gateway groups with Wan1 with Tier 1 and Wan2 with tier 2.

    I am using PFSense Beta4 Tue Aug 31 22:56:19 EDT 2010.


  • Just put the other WAN on Tier 1 as well and it will do Load Balance and failover at the same time.  :o

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